About us

Welcome to our extraordinary restaurant, a premier British-style eatery nestled in the heart of Budapest. Here, we serve the best of British cuisine, providing an enchanting experience that our customers adore. Prepare to uncover a hidden gem, as proclaimed by our delighted patrons. :-)

Our story traces back to the ingenious mind of Robert Gunnion, a Scottish-born maven of the culinary world, affectionately known as Bob. Bob had grown weary of the abundance of so-called "English Breakfasts" with their lamentable Vienna sausages littering the city. He longed for the genuine article, a taste of home that would transport him to the shores of Great Britain. And so, with a determined spirit, he embarked on his culinary quest in the summer of 2022.

Starting with his own delectable sausages, bacon, and pies for delivery and esteemed restaurant partners, Bob's creations quickly garnered a devoted following. The demand for his exquisite fare burgeoned, and it became abundantly clear that the establishment of a restaurant was the next logical step. From that point on, the stars aligned effortlessly. Enter Brian, an accomplished chef hailing from the culinary haven of Dublin, whose fervor for the craft was unparalleled. Together, they ignited a culinary rocket, propelling their dream to new heights.

The mission was crystal clear: Bob's Kitchen Budapest had to become the ultimate destination for the finest British delicacies in Budapest, Hungary, and perhaps even across Eastern Europe. This became a place that would not only satisfy the connoisseurs who know the essence of British cuisine but also introduce the locals to the wonders of British fare. It was time to spread the word and let the world know that British food is truly remarkable.

At our restaurant, you can enjoy classic British dishes that will delight your taste buds. Revel in the glory of our Full English Breakfast, featuring our own hand-cured bacon, sausages, black and white puddings, and more. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of a Sunday Roast, complete with a delectable Yorkshire pudding. Indulge in our succulent Steak Pies, hearty Bangers and Mash, and the iconic Fish & Chips that beckon to all who yearn for their exquisite flavors. But the spectacle does not end there. Delight in our special creations, such as the sumptuous Beef and Pork Wellington, tantalizing Lamb dishes, and platters laden with sausage rolls and Scotch eggs, to name but a few.

Do save room for our heavenly selection of baked delights, including Scones, Shortbreads, and Crumble Squares, alongside delightful desserts like the renowned Eton Mess and Trifles. All of this is accompanied by an exquisite assortment of carefully curated Hungarian Wines and the distinguished Julius Mein Coffee Drinks.

Our team is nothing short of extraordinary, a troupe of culinary superheroes devoted to providing an unparalleled dining experience and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our esteemed guests. Each passing day sees a surge in both our cherished regulars and our ever-growing collection of 5-star reviews, leaving us with the delightful quandary of potentially outgrowing our humble abode in the near future.

Until that inevitable moment arrives, we warmly invite you to join us for a splendid time, as you embark on a journey to Discover the Finest British Cuisine at Our Esteemed Restaurant.