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About Bob's Kitchen

Welcome to our extraordinary restaurant, a premier British-style eatery nestled in the heart of Budapest. Here, we serve the best of British cuisine, providing an enchanting experience that our customers adore. Prepare to uncover a hidden gem, as proclaimed by our delighted patrons.

Our story traces back to the ingenious mind of Robert Gunnion, a Scottish-born maven of the culinary world, affectionately known as Bob. Bob had grown weary of the abundance of so-called "English Breakfasts" with their lamentable Vienna sausages littering the city. He longed for the genuine article, a taste of home that would transport him to the shores of Great Britain. And so, with a determined spirit, he embarked on his culinary quest in the summer of 2022.

About Us

About our Restaurant

Bob's Kitchen Budapest, the only authentic British Cafe-Restaurant in Budapest. A cozy breakfast-lunch and dinner venue where you can enjoy traditional British food and gastro culture.

About our catering services

During Bob's Kitchen Budapest's short-term activity in the Hungarian market, several prominent companies with British connections have been delighted to avail themselves of our catering services. Whether it's a team building event, Christmas fair, or company celebration, esteemed organizations like Avis Group Hungary, Land Rover Jaguar, and Tesco have already chosen us as their catering partners.