Traditional British food at its best in Hungary

Published: 2024-03-04

It's been a year since we opened Bob's Kitchen Budapest with immense enthusiasm. As it's a passion project for us, it has stirred deep emotions.

Launching a restaurant in the midst of an economic downturn and energetic crisis hasn't been straightforward. As newcomers to the Hungarian entrepreneurial scene, we encountered numerous obstacles. We've experienced highs, but we've also faced lows, often unsure of our next move. Yet, we persevered, and miraculously, each time we found a way through the toughest moments.

This marks an important milestone for us, a moment to pause and reflect on our achievements.

Our STAFF - absolutely remarkable!

Brian McEvoy leads the kitchen with consummate professionalism and more. Not only does he manage and mentor the team superbly, but his sense of humour and empathy also ensure that everyone in the kitchen has a great time.

Svetlana, arriving from Ukraine, brings both skill and warmth, always sporting a beautiful smile. When Brian isn't around, we trust her to handle preparations, management, and execution with perfect diligence. Oh, and she's fluent in English now!

Afra, who initially joined us as a shy assistant from Bangladesh, has blossomed into a skilled kitchen professional. Her rapid development is astounding, and her cheeky humour can catch you off guard, so be prepared.

Seti, our Persian princess, is increasingly taking the lead in front of the house. We struggle to send her home after her shift because of her deep love for her job and responsibilities. Her gentleness, along with her remarkable organisational skills, is a true asset.

Júlia, part-time but invaluable, is like our own French Amelie. She makes outstanding coffees, and her smile can brighten anyone's day.

Bob, Katinka, and Georgie - that's us writing. It's challenging to comment on ourselves, so we leave that to the reviewers. One thing is certain: Bob's Kitchen wouldn't be the same without Bob, his character, and his warm hospitality. Even Georgie brings immense joy to our customers. And as for me, it's a pleasure to be in the background writing these lines.

OUR Customers - the greatest!

We can't express enough gratitude to our regulars, not just for their patronage but also for the atmosphere they help create. The interactions, the conversations, and the friendships formed are precious to us. In a world that often feels disconnected, being part of a community is immensely rewarding.

We're also elated about the reviews we receive on Google and Tripadvisor. Nearly 270 organic reviews so far, and 99% of them are 5-star!This encourages us to keep pushing forward.

We're thankful to our partners and distributors who work tirelessly to provide us with quality ingredients.

Our catering business is growing, and we can't thank Avis, Tesco, Land Rover Jaguar, and the British Schools enough for giving us the opportunity to showcase our talents. We extend an invitation to all British companies in Budapest to consider us as catering partners and to engage with us.

Lastly, we're grateful for the coverage we've received in publications like WeloveBudapest, Funzine, and the 6th District newspaper.

Given all these positive developments, we believe we can confidently say that traditional British food has arrived in Hungary in its finest form, and we're committed to continuing this journey.

Thank you for visiting and for being a part of our journey.

Celebrate with us between 6th - 10th of March! Book a table here

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See you soon,

Katinka and Bob